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Can I really be in credit with my energy provider?

Can I really be in credit with my energy provider?

By Carly Nichols

How can you be in credit?

Customers are paid for the excess electricity that is fed back into the grid, in the form of solar Feed-In credit on their electricity bill, this will reduce the costs of their electricity bill. Required is a net or gross metered solar power system (AGL, 2020).

Installing solar panels can reduce your energy bill

Reducing your energy cost using solar is possible and it is the main reason why many Australian’s are opting to install solar, and once installed there is limited required maintenance (EnergySaver, NSW).

Various factors are involved to reduce your energy bill using solar panels, they include:

  • The size and quality of your system (will it cover the energy you use?)
  • The location of your system (what direction does your roof face?)
  • Your energy output (how much energy are you using?)
  • Your energy usage times (when are you using your system?)
  • Weather conditions (do you live in a sunny state? or do you get large amounts of cloud cover?)
  • What energy retailer you are with (what deals do they offer? do they provide credit’s or refunds?)

Your chosen solar installation company will be able to assist you with answering the above questions, an onsite inspection is important to also check for any possible shade that could cover the solar system.

Prepare for your site inspection by also having your latest energy bill ready, this will show your household uses.

Does adding a battery save me more on my energy bills?

Adding a battery can further assist in slashing your electricity costs. By becoming less reliant on purchasing energy from the grid and instead, using the energy created by your solar panels in the day, you can reduce your energy bill even further.

There is no bad time to think about solar or add a battery to your existing system. Brighte removes the upfront costs so you can install your system and enjoy the benefits today, and repay over time. If you would like to find local vendors and request quotes check out the Brighte Marketplace.

Brighte is on a mission to make paying easy. We can help fund a range of products and services including;

Heating/ Cooling
Blinds and shutters
and more!

The information provided in this article is general in nature and does not constitute advice. Please consider your own personal circumstances prior to making any decisions.

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